Traditional acupuncture is very effective when used as preventive healthcare

Nicotine is such a potent drug that one drop of pure nicotine can cause you to go into respiratory failure (stop breathing), paralysis and death
Acupuncturists are trained to address addictions, especially nicotine addiction, following the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We assess the addiction from several perspectives, inclusive of the physical, mental and emotional addiction. There are many acupuncturists who utilize a technique where fine needles are inserted into a set of five acupuncture points on the ear

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Losing weight is very important for maintaining a healthy body.
If you are an overweight individual, you can expect to be at a higher risk for developing conditions and

diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments, high blood pressure and other hard to treat conditions.

Do you want to have a longer time with your loved ones? Experience life more fully? 

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Acupuncture treatment is typically highly individualized
points are specific for each individual and his or her condition!!!!