Anastasia Karamouzi

Medical Doctor and TCM Acupuncture specialist
graduated Beijing Medical University- Beijing YIXUEYUAN

Anastasia Karamouzi story is an empowering one. She is Greek by origin,  was born in Czech Republic and grow up in the People‚ÄĚs Republic Of China, following her parents who were professors and actually they founded the first Greek department in the Chinese University and teached  Greek to Chinese students. She went to the  Chinese primary school, secondary school, high school and University all in Beijing China.

After graduation, first specialized in general surgery in JISHUITANG hospital and then went to the Beijing Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she did TCM acupuncture as well as in Nanjing.. In 1979 after the exams in Greece, got her permit to practice medicine in Greece.

Having the top of the top  professors in the University and being the first and the only European who did all her study in China, during a long period that China was isolated, she came to Europe and very soon after and  throught her patients (the Greek government politicians) she got the first ever permission after the cultural revolution, to invite and bring Chinese Traditional Medicine  doctors to Athens  Greece!!

Was and still is attending conferences on TCM Acupuncture all around the world and is going back to China quite often.

Speaks seven languages; Greek, Chinese-mandarine Czech  Russian  English French and Spanish

Member of the Athens Medical Association since 1979

No. Registar A.M.A.: 6592

Founding member of the Panhellenic Medical Acupuncture Society

Acupuncture treatment is typically highly individualized
points are specific for each individual and his or her condition!!!!