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We are  Athens Area based Acupuncture Clinic focused on providing healing treatments!

Opened her acupuncture practice, in 1978 after earning her  degree from the Chinese Traditional Medicine Academy in Nanjing1976 and Beijing 1978. Her Master Level Certificate in Acupuncture includes over 65.000 hours of clinic training and experience.
She also has medical degrees earned in Beijing medical university-(now days part of Beijing University). She incorporates both Eastern and Western medical philosophies in her treatment plans. Read more about Anastasia

Anastasia Karamouzi's office is operating since 1978 in Athens on the road Dimitrios Soutsou 19 on the 1st floor. 

Easily accessible from the metro station

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What illnesses are treated using acupuncture? +

    Both acute and chronic illnesses can be treated with acupuncture. There are hundreds of conditions since acupuncture is balancing the body energy
  • Is Acupuncture Safe? +

    Acupuncture is extremely safe. A medical doctor plus licensed Acupuncturist uses sterilized needles which are properly disposed, in accordance with health regulations.
  • What’s the purpose of acupuncture? +

    The philosophy behind acupuncture is achieving balance throughout your body. The tsi balance.
  • Does Acupuncture Hurt? +

    When a needle is inserted, a slight pinching will be felt. However once the session is underway, many patients feel very relaxed and even fall asleep.
  • How Many Sessions Do I Need? +

    At the time of the initial examination, your Acupuncturist will evaluate your condition and will assess the approximate number of treatments needed. Because everyone responds differently, the number of treatment sessions can vary for each individual
  • How Should I Prepare For My Session? +

    Wear loose clothing to allow access to acupuncture points. Have a light meal or snack shortly before your treatment.
  • Why use acupuncture? +

    People use acupuncture for help with specific symptoms or conditions. Many others choose acupuncture as a preventive measure to strengthen their constitution or because they just feel generally unwell. Acupuncture is considered suitable for all ages including babies, children and the elderly. It is very effective and can be integrated with conventional medicine.
  • Can Acupuncture Help My Condition? +

    There are literally hundreds of conditions, disorders and diseases that acupuncture can effectively treat. Treatments are tailored for individual case circumstances, which enhances the efficacy of the treatment. The doctor will determine if acupuncture treatment is right for you, based upon your symptoms and unique medical history. Both acute and chronic illnesses can be treated with acupuncture. Because everyone responds differently, the number of treatment sessions can vary for each individual
  • But I’m afraid of needles +

    The most common concern about acupuncture is the fear of the needles. However, the needles used are very thin compared to needles used for injections of medicine. You’ll feel a little pressure as the needle pierces the skin. Once the needle is in the muscle, there should be no pain.
  • How many sessions are needed for acupuncture to be effective? +

    Typically, the longer the patient has the condition, the longer the course of treatment before they experience substantial or lasting results. Acupuncture can be done as often as five times a week, or as little as once a month depending on the case
  • Are There Other Forms Of Treatment Besides Needle Insertion? +

    Yes. While we always like to use Acupuncture, other methods are often combined with acupuncture such as Cupping Therapy , Moxabustion (a heated herbal stick used to warm points), Microcurrent.
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Acupuncture treatment is typically highly individualized
points are specific for each individual and his or her condition!!!!