Traditional acupuncture is very effective when used as preventive healthcare


  I have been receiving treatment in acupuncture from my doctor Anastasia Karamouzi for several weeks  and have noticed a significant shift in my health. I decided to seek treatment as I was weaning myself off of anti-depressant medication, as I suffered post-partum depression and psychosis in the past.  I was experiencing some difficult side effects, including anxiety attacks. Since beginning my treatment, I have not experienced another anxiety attack and maintained a stable condition. I am also now medicine free! I am very satisfied with how my body and mind have responded to the acupuncture treatment and I especially value the quality and personal reinforcement I have received from my doctor.
Katerina N.

  Due to a sport related injury, my elbow and left arm was causing me so much pain that I could not sleep. My injury also prevented me from fully extending my arm. I was recommended acupuncture and I am so grateful that I gave it a try. After my first treatment, I could already notice a difference in the way I felt. I went on to have some  more. By the tenth I was feeling great. Not only that, my doctor Anastasia was very knowledgeable. I was a little nervous, it being my first time, but she put me at ease. She was gentle and had genuine concern. Each visit she questioned my progress and catered the treatments to that. It was healing and relaxing. I’d recommend it to anyone, not just for injuries either.
Andy A.

  Recently I had breakfast with a friend that I hadn’t seen for a couple of months. In the middle of conversation, she just asked  “Did you get face lift surgery?” I answered “No,” She then asked “then what is your secret?” I said “Acupuncture.” She was surprised with my answer, and couldn’t believe. Then I explained to her that I was going for Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments and that I am very pleased with the results. Since I started Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatments with my doctor Anastasia I have many friends and associates asking me what is the secret? I highly recommend doctor Karamouzi This was the best investment in my appearance. Thanks Anastasia!
Tatiana C.

  I have known my doctor AnastasiaKaramouzi for almost 30 years and I have seen her knowledge of acupuncture grow. Her touch and treatments are right on. She has improved my general fatigue and knee and back pain. I am a happier person knowing her. I give her the highest rating. Everyone should give it a try.
Thomas V.

  Great service. Very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. She has much knowledge on the subject of acupuncture and makes sure you understand every part. I will now be a forever client as we work on my issues and pain etc. I highly recommend this place for your eastern approach to medicine and the body. My day was 100% improved after my first session.  A great woman to have in your life. She truly cares and has so much knowledge. Great experience.
Maria P.

  Dr. Anastasia is a miracle worker. I have been going to Dr. Karamouzi for 15 and half years now for various ailments, from migraines, carpal tunnel, plantar fascitis, tennis elbow to pain in my ankle due to spine misalignment. Very rarely does anyone look forward to a doctor's visit - but a visit to Dr. Karamouzi is different. Apart from her treatment and wonderful caring personality, the ecstatic and floating feeling you get during the session is incredible. I have been meaning to write a review for a very long time. The main reason I am writing this is not because of own successful treatments, but because to her treatment of my elderly mother who is in her 90s. Mom was in the hospital for 10 days due to congestive hearth failure, pneumonia and other complications. Within a couple days after returning home, she had a stroke. Mom's mouth was drooping on the left side, she was speaking with a slur and her left hand and leg were paralyzed. I immediately called Dr. Karamouzi for help - mainly to avoid further strokes. My mother's drooping mouth and slur were gone very soon after a couple treatments. In fact the change was noticeable after the first session. Her left leg also started working soon after a couple treatments and she can walk with both legs. In the couple of months my mother's left hand has gradually been improving. She can lift her hand, squeeze and throw a ball, and to my amazement, she recently picked up her cereal bowl with her left hand while she held her spoon in her right. All this without any rehab or professional and grueling physical therapy. If mom had not been treatment by Dr. Karamouzi she would not have recovered. No matter what serious ailment you have, no not rule out acupuncture. You will be surprised as to how many illnesses and diseases acupuncture can cure. No not be scared of the needles. When we think of needles we think of sharp sewing needles that can get lost inside your body. Acupuncture needles are nothing like that and they are not painful. There is only one name in Athens for acupuncture and that is Dr. Anastasia Karamouzi.
Giannis I. 2006/

  Two days ago, following a nine hour flight, I had a sciatica attack. The pain in my back was intense, I felt tingling down to my knees and ankles, and I had general weakness in my legs. "Uh oh," I thought. "I'd better go for an MRI and find out what this is all about." Then it occurred to me to try acupuncture. Dr. Anastasia Karamouzi had helped me in the past with several issues, and I knew acupuncture was effective for back pain.
Dr. Karamouzi saw me immediately. She helped me to position myself on my side. She painlessly inserted needles in various points on my body. Then, she told me to relax for the next thirty minutes. And so I did. A half hour letter, she withdrew the needles and told me to stand up. I stood up, and she said, "now move your from back side to side." And so I did. "How do you feel?" She asked me. Astonished, I replied I felt great. The pain had subsided by somewhere around eighty percent. The tingling was gone. She then said, "now, walk around a little." I did and the pain continued to evaporate. I dressed, said goodbye, and walked out the door. By the time I stepped outside that morning, the pain was effectively gone. Imagine, less than an hour ago I had been shuffling around in great pain. Now I was walking normally and pretty much pain free. Within another two or three hours, I was completely pain free.
Dimitris. K 2006/10

  I had been struggling with symptoms of menopause that had been worsening over time: hot flashes, insomnia, and worst of all, feelings intense anxiety. I had reached a point where it was difficult for me to function on a daily basis. Herbal and vitamin supplements did not help. I did not want to go on hormone replacement therapy or anti-anxiety drugs so I decided to try acupuncture. I chose Dr. Karamouzi because she is an acupuncturist who also has impressive medical credentials. After my very first visit, all of the symptoms subsided and now that I am seeing her on a regular basis I find that I am in better health than I've been in years with the energy that I used to have back in my 20s. I'm very grateful to Dr. Karamouzi for all she has done!
Georgia D. 2016/9

  It was a trust on a first site. Dr. Karamouzi is warm, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and certainly the most optimistic person that I have ever met. After the first session and checkup she told me that she can help me with infertility that my husband and I have been battling for 6 years. I am in my late thirties and in the past I had two unsuccessful fertility treatments and miscarriage. After few sessions I could feel that Dr. Karamouzi's treatments were effective. I slept better and in overall I was more energized. After four and a half month of weekly two sessions acupuncture treatments, I was pregnant and I do not have any doubts that the pregnancy was a result of Dr. Karamouzi's treatment. I continued seeing Dr. Karamouzi throughout the first trimester and did not have any of the uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. Not only that I would recommend Dr. Karamouzi, but I am also happy and relieved to know that I have someone like her that I can see if any health issues occur in the future. I cannot thank her enough for the happiness that she brought into our lives.
Andriana P. 2011/7

  When I came to see Dr. Karamouzi I could barely walk and I had nerve pain shooting up my legs and down my hands. I had been told after an x-ray that I had Spondylolisthesis - where the spine falls off itself. My back felt very heavy. After the first treatment, I walked out of Dr. Karamouzi's office with my back feeling much lighter, and most of the nerve pain was gone. By the second visit I could walk without my cane and I could walk at a normal speed, where before I could only walk very slowly. By the third and fourth visit, a cough I've had for 8 years began to subside. Also a migraine I had every morning for years, disappeared completely. I find that Dr. Anastasia brings much more than acupuncture to her patients. Her years as a medical doctor in China gives her a knowledge of to her treatments that most other acupuncturist would not have. Recently I went to my first physical therapy treatment and came to Dr. Karamouzi in pain again. She said that physical therapy should make you feel good and if there was pain then the therapist most likely needed more experience in my condition, she suggested a more experience therapist. Additionally, Dr. Karamouzi puts the needles in so that you barely feel them, there is no need to fear them. You don't even know they are there as you rest on the treatment table. I'm very grateful that I found Dr Karamouzi, I don't think I would be healing as quickly without her help.
Panagiotis S. 2017

  I struggled with stomach problems for over 10 years. I had tried different medications and seen several doctors. After my last upper endoscopy, my gastroenterologist once again found nothing, and concluded that I must just have gastric hypersensitivity. I asked if I could try acupuncture as that was the one treatment I hadn't tried yet. With his support, I came to see Dr. Karamouzi. I chose Dr. Karamouzi because of her background as an MD and she has been doing acupuncture for over 30 years. I have never felt better in my life. I am almost completely off my Nexium, and I can enjoy most foods and drinks without pain. My stomach never hurts anymore, after years of feeling uncomfortable daily. I highly recommend Dr. Anastasia as she has dramatically improved the quality of my life.
Petros G. 2018/1

  What can I say - I love Dr. Karamouzi. She has been my acupuncturist and friend for over 30 years now. I suffer from degenerative neurological disorders, which I've been treated for by the "best" pain management providers in the country. All of them began writing out their laundry list of pharmaceuticals, schedule the next nerve block, send me for another round of MRI's - I am a walking, talking lab rat for the pain-management industry. There is as of today no cure for the diseases I have. Big Pharma have colluded with these so-called experts to keep people like me who suffer from chronic pain on as many of their drugs as possible. But then there's Anastasia Karamouzi. She is one of the most caring, involved, intuitive, gentle, professional practitioner I've ever met in any medical field. While I might continue to suffer with this pain and the various side effects of my diseases, my work with Dr.Karamouzi has changed my life. Every session is an hour spent nearly pain free; and I know that for a day or two I will be able to function nearly as well as any healthy person. I might not be totally pain free, but I always feel better, calmer, and I have reduced my dependency on pharmaceuticals drastically. In the meantime, my sciatica - gone. My plantar fascia - perfect. The carpal tunnel in my left hand - normal. Insomnia - much better. Depression, stress, and nervous tension - unbelievable. Without fail, during every session I fall into sleep like trance of pure bliss, no pain, no stress, no worries; the world I live in falls away and I leave her office renewed. This quiet, unassuming, little force of nature has saved my life - seriously. Without Dr. Anastasia's positive energy, her kindness, her amazing skills, I would have taken the gas pipe long ago. This is a doctor who knows her business better than any I've encountered, and she does her work without ego; she's not an elitist, probably doesn't know the phrase "god-complex" - she loves her work, does it perfectly, cares about her patients and treats everyone with a sincere humility and good will that is amazing. If you live anywhere in the area(Athens) and need an acupuncturist, there's only one name you need to know: Anastasia Karamouzi.
Nikolas A. 2013/8

  Since the age of 15 I suffered from extreme menstrual pain that affected me physically and emotionally. About 2-3 weeks per month the pain persisted, making me feel constantly fatigued and irritable. I started to take out my frustrations on the people closest to me and therefore struggled with one failed relationship after the next. It wasn't until the pain reached it's peak at the age of 25 that I was rushed to the doctor and put on heavy narcotics, the only remedy to stop the pain. These episodes would return every couple of months for the next few years. My doctors believed it was endometriosis and prescribed me on the heaviest dosage of birth control making my body feel swollen and achy most of the time. Nothing was helping and my Ob-Gyn felt my only option was to have a laparoscopy. The idea of undergoing surgery without knowing whether or not it would actually help didn't sit well. After much research my mother came across Dr. Karamouzi. After my first visit - some of the pain magically dissipated. I couldn't believe it. After just three sessions for the first time in 15 years I went off birth control (an idea that terrified me as my Ob-Gyn insisted that I wouldn't function without it) and had my first pain free period. I’m addition to birth control I was on a heavy dosage of Zoloft to help me with my moods swings that affected me on a monthly basis. After two sessions with Dr. Anastasia I started to taper off and now I am med free and feel the best I ever had. I cannot believe the thousands of dollars I spent on western medicine to only realize that my body needed to be back in balance again with Dr.Anastasia's help. Suddenly I am more present, my thoughts no longer wonder, I'm flexible, less tense, positive, and have a healthy appetite and sleeping schedule. I can finally enjoy my life again because I no longer have to worry about carrying the pain with me. Dr. Karamouzi is also so caring and understanding - I no longer felt alone with my pain but had someone who truly believed I would be okay again. She honestly saved my life and made me feel human again.
Anastasia L. 2018/2

  In August of 2013 I had been bruising excessively over my entire body. After visiting my GP I was diagnosed with ITP and my platelet level of 10,000 was life threatening. I was put on a high dosage of prednisone which immediately boosted my platelet level and it put me out of danger. Over the month my prednisone level was decreased and my GP told me to "wait and see" where my platelet level settled. The news wasn't great after a month. I leveled out at 30,000 platelets but I didn't want to continue taking prednisone because it was destroying my immune system and I got shingles, which was incredibly painful. My GP told me not to expect any jump in my platelet level for over a year and said he would check other medical alternatives. A friend recommended Dr. Karamouzi because she had such success with her as a cancer patient with her platelet level, so I immediately made an appointment. I met Dr. Karamouzi in September 2013 and was overwhelmed by her incredible positive attitude with regards to my situation. she assured me she would be able to raise my platelet level in three months and it would continue to rise month after month. I believed her and everything she said was true. In December 2013 my platelet level was 50,000. In March of this year it was 80,000. I expect it to be over 100,000 when I have it checked again in July. All of this was done without prednisone. In addition of acupuncture I have followed Dr. Karamouzi's advice on Chinese medicine and my overall health, both mental and physical have improved greatly. Dr. Karamouzi is the greatest!
Daneil I. 2014/11

  I am currently an acupuncture patient of Dr. Karamouzi. Prior to my treatment by Dr. Karamouzi, I suffered from constant nausea, constipation and difficulty with balance. I had consulted several highly regarded physicians, taken many tests and medications, but with no relief. Shortly after beginning treatment with Dr. Karamouzi I began to feel improvement of the symptoms for all three problems. This improvement has continued so that I am now free of the nausea, which was my worst problem, and better with respect to the other two problems. I am more than satisfied with the results of my treatment.
Sissi S 2015/10

  I believe that Dr. Karamouzi has a wonderful gift of healing, health and acupuncture. I came to see Dr. Karamouzi after a referral from a friend. Within four months of treatments, my husband and I got a very special gift..we were having a baby. This was truly a miracle as I had failed two IUIs and an IVF before this pregnancy occurred, before I started to see Dr. Karamouzi. I continued to see her for the first trimester and unlike many women, did not experience any nausea or vomiting. Not only this, but at the start of each session, Dr. Karamouzi would feel my pulse and tell me that I was having a boy. Fast forward to second trimester, and we are having a boy! Thank you Dr. Karamouzi for your patience, kindness, and gift of healing.
Anna-Maria L. 2004/6

  Dr. Karamouzi has the "magic touch". I have multiple sclerosis, and at times, I came to her office barely able to walk. After a treatment, I feel like a new person because she treats my whole body. Dr. Karamouzi has been practicing Chinese Acupuncture for over 35 years. She has studied both Traditional Chinese and Western medicine, additionally, I trust her to understand my medical issues. I highly recommend Dr. Karamouzi as an extremely caring, knowledgeable and reputable acupuncturist.
Alexia B. 2019/3

  I came to see Dr. Karamouzi after a steroid lumbar injection gone wrong. The doctor punctured mydura and spinal fluid leaked out causing terrible constant migraines, pressure and clogging on my sinuses,vertigo, double vision, ear hypersensitivity, and muscle spasm. I thought my life and dreams were over and that I was never going to recover. I have seen five different neurologists, tried all kinds of Western medications but nothing seemed to help. But after only a few sessions with Dr. Karamouzi I was able to walk again and my headaches became more tolerable. How I wish I tried acupuncture first to deal with my lower back problems and sciatica before that injection. I still suffer from constant daily migraines but all other symptoms have subsided greatly thanks to Dr. Karamouzi's dedicated work and magical touch. I have suffered greatly and she was my savior.
Manolis K. 2018/10

  I had a pinched nerve in my neck and did not want to take the medication prescribed my the neurologist. Physical therapy did not work, so I decided to try acupuncture which had worked for me before. Dr. Karamouzi's prompt response to my phone call and her warm welcome when I entered her office made me realize I had chosen the right doctor to work with. I've had thirty treatments and feel like a new person. Her office is very comfortable. She has also addressed other health issues during these sessions. I feel like a brand new person and can't say enough about this knowledgeable physician. She's the BEST.
Konstantinos K. 2016/5

  I first came to know Dr. Karamouzi after a desperate search for help with my depression after a marital separation. I was living on no sleep or food and nothing was helping. After my first visit with Dr. Karamouzi, my appetite returned and I was able to sleep. I returned for several visits and also received treatment for a recurring infection that seemed to be immune to general medication. Those symptoms ceased as well. I am forever grateful to Dr. Karamouzi for her expertise and caring nature. She is the reason that I am now a huge proponent of Acupuncture as a first choice in medical/emotional illness. I would recommend her to anyone.
Kalliopi R. 2002/4

  I had never been to an acupuncturist prior to seeing Dr. Karamouzi last April. I had avoided acupuncture over the years both because I did not believe in it and because I do not like needles. I went when I did because I was desperate. I was suffering from terrible back pain which was at times debilitating. At my Rheumatologist's recommendation, I had engaged in months of physical therapy and had received cortisone injections. When the pain persisted, I tried acupuncture as a last resort, and I selected Dr. Karamouzi from off of the web. Within a week of her first treatment, I felt much better. Shortly after that I was pain free and have remained so for the past ten months. I have become Anastasia's biggest fan, and I would recommend her without qualification.
Mihalis F. 2010/12

  The first time I visited Anastasia, I had come off of recently being diagnosed and treated for a pre-cancerous cervical condition. I was scared and anxious, and the overwhelming storm of emotion took its toll on me physically. Dr. Karamouzi has treated me for everything from digestion issues, to anxiety, to vertigo, to sinus issues. I rarely visit my general physician anymore - Dr. Karamouzi is my first line of defense! I trust her wholeheartedly and always feel better after a treatment (without any medication!). Plus, my pre-cancerous condition has been kept at bay since I visited her! The best things about Anastasia's practice are her willingness to see me in such a timely fashion (usually within 24-hours) and her warm, caring personality. Her bedside manner is not to be compared! I will never be able to thank her for the countless visits, in which she has helped me through difficult times in my life.
Danae B. 2007/8

  Dr. Karamouzi is exceptional in the field of acupuncture and alternative health solutions. This is critical to know as there are many options and practitioners in the Athens area. I have been treated by other acupuncturists, and unfortunately, the level of expertise and effectiveness varies greatly. Fortunately, Dr. Karamouzi is very effective. I saw dramatic results from after my first visit with her. I’ve experienced immediate beneficial changes in my blood pressure and digestion without reverting to drugs or medications. Her personal human skills are also wonderful. She is thoughtful and very insightful in her suggestions. She is a rare gem in the populated field of alternative health practitioners.
Savas Oi. 2015/1

  For 2 years, Dr. Karamouzi has helped me with my infertility issues through acupuncture. I am currently pregnant with twins and I strongly believe that Dr. Karamouzi’s acupuncture treatments contributed to the success of achieving my pregnancy. She is extremely experienced in her work and is one of the most caring doctors I’ve ever met. Her optimistic nature and genuine enthusiasm to help patients truly make her a wonderful doctor. She constantly thought of ways to treat my problems and was always available to answer questions. She was also helpful in giving me general medical advice on issues non-related to my treatment with her. I have referred several friends to her and all have been happy with the results of Dr. Karamouzi’s treatments. I would highly recommend Dr. Karamouzi to anyone looking for an acupuncturist.
Katerina P. 2017/10

  I have suffered from seasonal allergies for the past fourteen years. Even after allergy shots, and daily prescription medication I was still suffering year round from constant sneezing, sniffling, and itch eyes. After my very first acupuncture session with Dr. Karamouzi, I noticed significant improvement in my symptoms. I have not taken allergy medicine since my first session, and now, five months later, I breathe more easily, and am hardly sneezing. I can't thank her enough for really changing my life.
Aris D. 2018/9

  bhank goodness for Dr. Karamouzi! I suffered with trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome. Medical doctors wanted to give me a cortisone shot and operate on my hand. I didn't want to do that. I decided to try acupuncture and was recommended to Dr. Karamouzi. She is a lovely woman with a gentle touch. She knew I was apprehensive about the acupuncture and was very considerate of my fears. I had immediate relief after the initial sessions. After only three months of treatment twice a week, my trigger finger and my carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared. It has been over 5 years and my hand is great, thanks to Dr. Karamouzi. I highly recommend acupuncture with Dr. Karamouzi.
Laura R. 2010/6

  In June 2004, I was introduced to Dr. A. Karamouzi by one of her patients. She told me that she believed that she could help improve my chronic blood pressure condition. I was on high doses of medication at the time with their annoying side effects, and my blood pressure was still too high. With the approval of my family doctor, I began acupuncture treatments three times a week. Very quickly it became apparent that my blood pressure was under control. When I had my physical in October, my physician was pleasantly surprised. He dramatically reduced my medication, and I am currently taking only 1/8 of the dosage I had before I began acupuncture, but I continue to have normal blood pressure. In several months, I may be completely off the medication. My family doctor has said "keep on doing whatever you are doing as long as it works". It is reassuring to me that Anastasia has a background in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With her 40 years experience as an acupuncturist, I was prepared to listen more seriously as she discussed the applications of acupuncture to my condition. I think my family doctor was also reassured by her background and experience.
Harris A. 2019/2

  ln 1997, I was found to have a thickening of the uterine lining diagnosed as hyperplasia- a precancerous condition. My gynecologist and several colleagues she consulted with all said I absolutely had to have surgery--a hysterectomy. I didn't want it, and with the permission of my gynecologist who was interested in alternative medicine, I started treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Karamouzi. In a few months I was found to be "perfectly normal"
About two years later, I had a mild recurrence. My gynecologist said that normally she would prescribe Provera, but that I did so well with "that other treatment" she thought I should do that. So back I went to Dr. Karamouzi. Again, in a few months I was "all clear". "Keep on with what you're taking" my gynecologist said. And with acupuncture I have remained well.
Dr. Karamouzi has been a concerned and devoted healer--watching for any other health problems--but has proven herself to be a good and loving friend as well--not only for me but to her other patients.

Venetia N. 2006/2

  Ms. Anastasia Karamouzi has been treating my daughter and I for five years now. I was a severe asthmatic, and was on inhalers every four hours until I met her. I also got pneumonia two years ago, and if it hadn't been for Dr. Karamouzi treating me, I know it would have taken me another year to recover.
As far as my daughter is concerned, Dr. Karamouzi has been treating her since she was 3 years old. She is now ten. My daughter has trusted her, allowed her to put 20 needles in her body once or twice a week, and is now off nebulizers, inhalers, and is fine. No asthma.
Anastasia is a gentle soul. I completely trust her abilities as an acupuncturist. She has treated many of my friends, and many of my daughter's friends. They have all become healthier beings as a result of her work and expertise. She is a true healer and a dedicated Doctor.

Christina A. 2015/3

  I have known Dr. Karamouzi since April 2002. I find her to be a true caring professional. I see her on a continuous every week basis.
She has helped me get my period back after failing with 4 MD's in the Reproductive Endocrinology Field. I have been menstruating normally every month. I feel more relaxed, non-constipated, nails- stronger, hair-thicker, and confident by Dr. Karamouzi. I highly recommend Dr. Karamouzi to all my friends, family, and customers. She has been a life saver to me.

Loukia S. 2017/3

  For about fifteen years I have sought medical treatment for two problems: one, a sciatic condition, which has been the source of intense pain and which has caused atrophy of muscles in my left leg; and two, a tremor, which occurs primarily in my left hand. In 1997 I was introduced to Dr. Karamouzi.
Dr. Karamouzi has been a regular consultant in diagnosing my condition and prescribing treatment. As a result of her advice, I have made considerable progress: I now experience only occasional mild pain, my atrophied leg muscles are developing, my tremor is under control and my arm and hand strength and coordination are returning. Also, I have had many opportunities for discussion with Dr. Karamouzi, during which I have been very impressed by her knowledge of Western medicine and her ability to integrate Chinese medicine into her analysis of complex medical issues.


Acupuncture treatment is typically highly individualized
points are specific for each individual and his or her condition!!!!